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Dear Mr. President

Two boys that are in our neighborhood said that girls can not change the world. I hope you can give us some advice to change the world or to help us standup to the two boys.

Delaney, Carrigan, and Bree

picture of letter to the president from Delaney, Carrigan, and Bree

December 8th 2015

The President's response to Delaney and her friends

The White House
December 8, 2015

Dear Delaney:

Thanks for writing to me with your friends to let me know what was going on in your neighborhood. Don't listen to those boys -- girls can change the world, and your letter gave me the sense that you are a strong group of young ladies who will always speak up when things don't seem right.

In the years ahead, remember that nothing is beyond your reach as long as you set your sights high and stay involved in the issues that matter to you. Know that our Nation is one where everyone can pursue their dreams and that with hard work, you can accomplish anything you can imagine. I'm confident all three of you have bright futures ahead -- and if any boys tell you otherwise, let them know that their President said they better start recognizing that girls change the world every day.

Your friend,

Barack Obama

picture of President Obama's letter to Delaney, Carrigan, and Bree

Delaney was excited to get the President's response -- here's what she wrote back

Dear Mr President

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the letter. I loved the letter it is the best. I got the package and I had no clue what was inside and when I opened I looked inside and saw the letter and I was so happy and excited that you saw my letter and wrote back that I started to cry. I hope I will get to meet you one day because you inspired me by saying girls change the world every day. So thank you for the letter. Your the best!

Your friend,


Delaney's response to the President

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